ACT 0.1

Bring the scaffold and the mesh
(Previous schemes and gestures on writings for V-U)


Constantly surrounding nothingness, 
Perceive surrounding nothingness, approaching its most minute, poor or perishable representation, thus leaving things to settle in their present moment. 
Let them be what they are at the moment they are perceived. 
I don't know how I begin to correct, clean, order, and empty. 

So that this is something that can be inserted in a course of movements and gestures that mark a subsequent action always to be performed. 
They are possibilities of the same gesture. 
A score fragmented into different events, 
As if before just pointing out the movement, diagrams were made of all its possible variables, everything that composes it. 
His forces, the dynamics to which void is subject. 
Start from the surface as a simple, structural element, on which the light falls and the body sits. Body from which the action begins and in which the action ends. 
A kind of still shaky breathing.

Different narratives and ordering methods erode the textual material towards apparently more structural nuclei, at the same time that, in its evolution, they create a whole linguistic poetics about emptiness and the perishable. A pulsating system where the elements vanish to re-organize themselves in new correlations through the concepts that the texts surround over and over in different ways or with different words.



Materials developed during a residency at Tabakalera (Donostia)
From September to December 2020.